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Church On The Rock Theological Seminary- Global Online (COTRTS – GO)

COTRTS Global is initiated to give a specialized theological education for pastors, missionaries, evangelists, Christian workers, professionals, lay people, and anyone interested in theological training but do not have time and access to the residential program. The goal is to equip the body of Christ for the work of God in their respective context.

COTR-GO Program Objectives
The purpose of this mode of theological education is:
● To give biblical and theological exposure and knowledge to both clergy and laity to be a better witness both in the Church/Mission context and in the market/public space.
● To prepare lay people to be assistants to the full time Christian workers and in the ministry of the Church, Christian institutions, and Christian organizations.
● To prepare/equip the target group in the knowledge of Holy Scriptures in applying them more relevantly in the contemporary context.
● To educate the target group to serve both the church and the society.