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COTR Seminary’s History

COTR (Church on the Rock Theological Seminary) was founded by Apostle Dr. P.J. Titus as a part of COTR Theological Seminary of Ministries. Dr. Titus was burdened with God’s vision to work in India and left his reputed job of 18 years in Dallas, United States of America, to serve in God’s vineyard. Dr. Titus decided to start a Bible College in India with the aim of training young men and women of faith to become instrumental in establishing God’s Kingdom.

The vision brought Dr. Titus and his family to India in 1981, with an aim to give it a shape and structure. After fervent prayers and support of many concurring people around the world, the vision of reaching one billion souls for Christ began with the purchase of land in Bheemunipatnam.

The COTR College of Ministries and New Testament Church of India were registered and began impacting India. Dr. Titus and his wife, Mary, were also concerned with the plight of lost and orphaned children in India. So, in addition to the church and Bible College seminary, he established the Nava Jeevan School and the New Life Children’s Home. Over the years, Dr. Titus looked to expand the scope of the ministry in order to maximize the impact he could make in reaching the spiritually starved.

The Bible College ministry campus now incorporates the New Testament Church, Nava Jeevan School, New Life Children’s Home, and Jyothi Hospital.Dr. & Mrs P.J. Titus God placed a heavy burden on the heart of Dr. P.J. Titus for the people of his native land of India. Dr. Titus had a divine vision to serve the needy fellow humans in India.

Our Philosophy

There is one, eternal God, Creator and Lord of the universe who, in the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, both governs all things according
to God’s will and is accomplishing God’s purpose in the world and in the church.

COTR's Principle

Whatever the Bible, rightly interpreted, is found to teach, we are bound to believe and obey. It is our supreme authority in every matter of belief and conduct.

Key Of Success

At COTRTS, we are committed to offering scholastic learning and spiritual formation. Our leadership, faculty team, and the whole community are passionate about empowering students to become Word-cantered and mission-driven leaders. Our curriculum is carefully designed for both academic and practical training.

Special Campus Tour

Campus on a tour designed for prospective graduate and professional students. You will see how our university like, facilities, studenst and life in this university. Meet our graduate admissions representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what it the best for you.


COTRTS-GO accepts students of all race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, denomination and status without any discrimination.
In keeping with the above philosophy, we give due regard to the following:
● The applicant must be a born again and baptized Christian and a member in good standing with his/her church with a commitment to discipleship.
● The applicant feel the call to God’s service wherever they are placed in the full time ministry or secular/market place.
● The candidate must be able to do his/her studies in the English.

Powerful Alumni

Any Institutions’ alumni are key to its growth . We are Focused on giving a Global Experience to our Students


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