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Global Online (COTRTS-GO)
Master of Divinity/Master of Arts/Bachelor of Theology
Job Description of Mentor (for M.Div./M.A./B. Th.)

A mentor should have: –
i. Appropriate theological degree such as B.D./ M.Div. or equivalent from a recognized college. However, an M. Th. is preferred.
ii. Ministry/Mission experience in and through the Church/mission agencies.
1. To help the student to relate his/her study to life and ministry.
2. To monitor the student’s self-study and assignments.
3. To motivate and guide the student in his/her overall academic and ministerial activities.
4. To be a liaison between the student and seminary (COTRTS-GO)
A mentor is expected to journey with the students in their learning. He/she is not expected to offer expert opinion; however, they may motivate the students to integrate the study with their life and ministry. They are expected to:
i. Discuss with the students about their journey in learning.
ii. If there are questions related to the study are raised, then they can discuss them together.
iii. Supervise and encourage the students to complete their assignments.
iv. Get to know their ministry involvement and dialogue with them if they face any difficulties or struggles.

A mentor may do the following:

1. Meet with the students three times during a semester. The duration of each meeting could be 90-120 minutes. The students usually have four subject per semester.
2. Ensuring that they are making good progress in reading the books, articles and class notes and writing assignments. Suggest to them to make gradual progress.
3. If they have any concerns about writing assignments, you may give your suggestions.
4. Seek to discover, how they are relating their study with their day-to-day ministry context.
5. You (Mentor)will receive the student report form for each course to be filled in online and mailed to deancotrgo@gmail.com
6. We hope the students are able to come and meet you. It is also ok to meet with them through Zoom, Google meet or other social media platforms.
7. We are not anticipating you to incur any expenses during the mentoring process.
8. Each student will pay rupees 1000/- directly to you as an honorarium for each semester.
9. You can attend the mentor workshop when organized by COTRTS-GO.
10. We are preparing servants leaders for the ministry of the Church and your role as a mentor is highly appreciated.
11. For any further information or suggestions, please feel free to write to the DEAN, at deancotrgo@gmail.com

We value your input and service to the students.

COTRTS – Global Online