In recent years, attention has grown to the question of pedagogy in theological training. Theological education aims to enhance the spiritual formation of theology students. To fully accomplish theological education, COTR-GO incorporates faculty monitoring, local mentoring as a supportive pedagogy that will promote classroom experience with the spiritual formation of students.

COTR-GO, focusing on Collective, Integrative, Reflective pedagogical factors, has developed proper guidelines and job descriptions for the mentors and faculty members to enhance the learning.
• Faculty members will be available through ZOOM/ face time/ WhatsApp groups to guide the students. Further, courses will have PowerPoint presentations, short videos, or lectures by scholars and a handout/quiz for every lesson to ensure and enrich the learning.
• The faculty members shall carry out course development, and the video lectures are recorded in the seminary media center. The resource team meets in zoom for guidelines in recording the lectures and takes necessary actions to process the course development. These video lectures with course syllabus and requirements are uploaded to our website and made available to the students upon registration to the course. The development team functions together by periodically meeting for review and necessary follow up.
• The student is given guidelines to select their Mentors and the Academic team screens and approves or provides alternative Mentor.

• The Dean meets with the group leaders periodically and trains them, and their job descriptions are explained and receive their agreement to Mentor, the student at the time of admission.
• Dean receives the mentor reporting forms to assess holistic learning outcomes for students.
• The Mentors look after the pastoral or spiritual and non-academic life of students alongside their studies.
• For each course (5-10 hours) of face, time will be assigned and communicated to the students to meet with the faculty for group discussion and peer interaction.
• COTRTS-GO relates to the students (through their pastoral reference form) to ensure that adequate pastoral care and personal support are available to online students.
• COTRTS-GO provides links to the available books and articles related to the subjects. Almost all the students have adequate access to these resources. COTRTS-GO will also guide them to the nearby libraries.
• COTRTS-GO provides information about the availability of resources and help students to become aware of and use the range of educational resources available to them.

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