1. What programs are offered at COTR-GO?

COTR-GO offers the following programs
• B.Th. Bachelor of Theology
• M.Div. Master of Divinity
• M.Div. B.Th. graduates upgrading to M.Div.
• M.A. Master of Arts in Religious studies
• M.A. B.Th. graduates upgrading to M.A.

2. How much time is required to complete the course work?

Each Module will have 4 courses and the time required to complete the course is 4 to 5 months in a academic year.

3. How long can I take to complete my program? What if I need a break?

• B.Th. 3½ Years
• M.Div. 3½ years
• M.Div. Upgrade
• M.A. 2 ½ years
One can take a break as needed and the maximum duration to complete the program is 5 years from the date of registration

4. Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes, one can take maximum of 4 courses at a time.

5. Can I finish the courses faster than scheduled?

Yes, but we recommend finishing the course in the prescribed time duration.

6. How much time per week will I need to commit?

It requires 90 learning hours for a course and an average of 16-18 hours in week.

7. What are the course requirements?

Course requirements are
 class work 80 % consisting of
 3 assignments,
 3 reading reports/book reviews,
 10-12 quizzes,
 1 term paper
Final Open Book Exam 20 %

8. How much it will cost me to complete a subject?

The cost to complete a subject are:
• C.Th. Rs.4000/=
• Dip.Th. Rs. 4000/=
• B.Th. Rs. 4000/=
• M.Div. Rs.6000/=
• M.Div. Upgraders Rs.6000/=
• M.A. Rs.6000
Click here (link to fee structure)

9. How many subjects to complete in a program?

Academic Requirements for:
C.Th. – 12 subjects
Dip.Th. – 24 subjects
B.Th. – 36 Subjects
M.Div. (Regular) – 30 Subjects
M.Div. (Upgraders) – 20 Subjects
M.A. – 20 Subjects

10. How do I register/ apply?

You can visit our website www. cotrseminary.com
Click here (link to application)

11. I still have questions. To whom can I talk?

Contact our Dean at >deancotrgo@gmail.com< or at +91- 9443887229 during Office hours