It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome and introduce COTR-GO to you.
COTR-GO is a God, Christ, Bible, Mission, Evangelical, Church centered, Charismatic and Interdenominational Institution, committed to build a distinctive education for an accredited ministry with signs, wonders, miracles, healing, and practical Christianity (Acts 2:22).
Our curriculum is intended not only to train a skillful theologian but also to mold a perfect and a faithful minister of the Lord equipped in the Word with anointing in the Holy Spirit. Our programs are open for the professionals, Christian Ministers, Laity, and anyone interested in theological training but do not have time and access to the traditional residential program
Our program allows you to study when you have the time in your daily schedule to listen to the lectures and not be confined to a traditional class schedule. One of our advantages is our flexibility of the program that gives you a self-pace but with guideline dates for completion and continue to do your full-time ministry or work in the marketplace, and still attain a accredited theology degree.
Our goal is to cultivate an academic culture with an emphasis on Christ-like spiritual character, capacity for ministry and commitment to servant hood.
I thank you for choosing COTR-GO to equip yourself for the ministry, which the Lord wants you to do in the days to come.
A warm welcome awaits you here at COTR-GO.

Rev. Jameson Titus