The M.Th. Old Testament program is designed to help students interpret the Word of God in the original languages (Hebrew and Greek) and apply the lessons learned in the Indian context. Since it is a research program, students are expected to show maturity in scholarship and research skills and show competence in Hebrew and Greek exegesis. Students should also relate their research to their church contexts. The M. Th. OT program will follow hybrid model with in-campus, Zoom, and online courses.


1. An M.Div. from ATA or BD from Serampore or its equivalent degree with B grade average and B+ in Old Testament subjects
2. A minimum of one year experience in any field of Christian ministry
3. Hebrew and Greek proficiency (The one-year Pre-M. Th. fully residential program will enable the students who require Biblical language proficiency)
4. English proficiency
5. Pass the entrance exams of the seminary

Course Design

Our M. Th. OT program is a 36-credit hour program, with a required thesis.
1. Advanced Hermeneutics (3 credit hours)
2. Research Methodology (3 credit hours)
3. Concentration Courses – 8 OT core courses (24 credit hours)
4. Comprehensive Examination
5. Proposal paper
6. Thesis (6 credit hours)



Year 1st 2nd
Admission Fee Rs.8,500/-
C Deposit Rs.2,000/-
Library Fee Rs.3,000/- Rs.3,000/-
Gen Fee Rs.6,000/- Rs.6,000/-
Graduation Rs.2,500/-
Hostel Fee Rs.6,000/- Rs.6,000/-
Thesis Fee Rs.10,000/-
Tuition Fee Rs.65,500/- Rs.65,500/-
Total Fee Rs.91,000/- Rs.93,000
TM Scholarship Rs.30,000/- Rs.30,000/-
Students actual Fee Payment Rs.60,000/- Rs. 63,000/-

Payment Mode

Jan 5th Rs.35,000/- Rs.38,000/-
Sept 5th Rs.15,000/- Rs.15,000/-
Jan 5th Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,000/-

B. Th


M. Div

M.Th Missiology / Church History/Old Testament

M.Th. O.T